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Driving Instruction

Driving instruction is available from our staff of highly-skilled and experienced drivers.  No matter how hard you have driven your car on the street, nothing will prepare you adequately for your first track day.  

All courses start out with a classroom session to cover the basics for your first time out on the track.  Class sessions will review:

  • Driving lines
  • Track entry and exit
  • Braking zones
  • Turn in, corner entry
  • Corner exit
  • Apex points
  • Weight transfer 

All beginner run groups participate in a mandatory lead/follow exercise for their first session.  This is useful for countering the sensory overload associated with the first few laps on track.   We will bring you up to speed slowly.  Drivers will rotate behind a lead car to obvserve the instructor's lines.   At no point will drivers pass the instructor during this session.  

Personalized Instruction
After the lead-follow session students have the option of reporting to an instructor for additional coaching or in-car instruction.  We offer complimentary single-session ridealongs and download or paid all-day instruction.  Instructors provide passenger rides as available upon request.  

Driver Coaching
Intermediate and advance drivers may contact Joel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to provide background for advanced driver coaching.