We do not allow passengers to ride in drivers' cars; however, passengers may ride with our instructors.  Any passengers must sign a release waiver, wear an approved helmet and ride with one of our approved race instructors only.  


We run our events rain or shine.   Cancellations must be made at least 14 days prior to the scheduled event.  Cancellations with adequate notice will receive credit for a future event equal to the amount previously paid redeemable on our website.  Promotional pricing may not be used in combination with an event credit.  "Trade ups" (for a more expensive event) will require drivers to pay the difference in price.  If we cancel an event (for example if roads close due to snow, unforeseen disruption to an event), all participants will be issued a credit for the full amount paid toward a future event.  Mechanical failures at or immediately preceding the event are not grounds for a cancellation.


Effective September 1, 2020 we will charge $15 to transfer a reservation between participants.  Run group assignment is at our sole discretion and subject to availability.  Transfers must be made at least 14 days prior to the scheduled event.  


Red - Fire/Rescue on track.  Come to a safe stop near a flag station and await Black Flag.

Black Flag - Return to hot pits.

Green - Go!

Checkered - Complete cool down lap and exit track.

Yellow - Hazard ahead, dirt ahead, stopped vehicle ahead

Yellow/Red - Debris ahead

Blue - Allow passing


All non-advanced run groups require point-by passing on the straightaways only.  Advanced run group allows for open passing.  Drivers not comfortable with open passing or possible car-on-car contact from corner passing should refrain from entering the advanced group.  We strive to avoid such incidents, but driving on track is an inherently dangerous sport.


Helmets must be SA2010+ automotive helmets.  Motorcycle helmets (M) do not meet this requirement.  It Is the driver's and passenger's responsibility to verify whether his or her helmet is acceptable prior to the event.  Drivers who fail to bring an approved helmet may be required to rent a helmet or not be permitted on track.    

Parade Laps

We may allow low-speed parade laps during the lunch break at certain events.  This is a sightseeing tour.  These are not active hot laps.  Drivers who fail to obey the parade lap policies and reduced speed limits may be subject to reprimand or ejection from our events.  Passengers are permitted for parade laps.  

Open Track

We strive to create as much open track as possible.  Drivers may become bunched up on track.  We recommend pulling into the hot pits and asking for space.  Our experienced flag staff will endeavor to send you out in an open section.  Many drivers may leave throughout the day; so, often the best sessions are available at the end of the day.  


If a driver demonstrates adequate or insufficient lap times or awareness for a given group, we may move drivers between run groups.  This is not a reflection of driver ability, merely the abilities and potential of the drivers and cars present on any given day.  


We reserve the right to eject any driver who demonstrates unsafe or otherwise inappropriate etiquette both on and off the racetrack with no refund.  We take the safety of our drivers very seriously, espcially our beginner drivers.  Drivers failing to adhere to the above policies may be subject to reprimand, ejection or lifetime ban from our events.  Please don't be that person!  Pay attention during the Drivers' Meeting to track entry/exit protocol, speed limits, point-by procedures and general safety.  Drivers observing unsafe condut are encouraged to notify our staff to resolve such issues.  

Drivers' Meeting

We host a mandatory Drivers' Meeting every morning to cover basic safety, protocol and procedures for the given day.  All driver's must attend the mandatory Drivers' Meeting to be admitted on track.  Registration and timing desks will not be available during this time.  


We rent transponders for drivers' who wish to keep track of their laptimes and participate in competitions.  These transponders are wired to the Start/Finish and operated via remote computer to capture times down to tenths of a second.  Competitions require the use of our transponders.to register a qualified lap time.  Our timing database can be accessed via the Lap Times link on our website.


Cali Photography attends most of our events and will have photo packages available for purchase.  If you plan to purchase on-track and paddock photos, we recommend doing so at the beginning of the day to encourage the photographers to capture the maximum number of photos, motion capture and other media!  Many photographers offer group discounts for multiple cars/drivers.  


Minors must have a legal guardian present who must also sign all applicable waivers.  Minors are subject to the same driving and conduct standards as every other driver.  


Most modern convertibles include some form of integrated roll protection including a roll bar or pop up roll bar.  Some roll bars may not be sufficient for track use.  For example, a 1993 Miata with roll hoops mounted to the seatbelt/harness bar mounting points with no triangulation will not be permitted on track.  Drivers are responsible for bringing a properly prepared convertible to the track.

Seat Belts, Hoods, General Safety

We have hosted $1M supercars and $500 junkyard "rescues."  All vehicles must be capable of passing a general safety inspection to be allowed on track.  This includes functional 3-point (minimum) seat belts, functional hood latches, fluid leaks (fuel, oil, brakes), broken or missing lug nuts/wheel bolts, secure hubs/axles/ball joints/suspension, functional, non-cracked wheels.  Functioning brake lights are highly recommended.  Remember, if we have a rule for it, it is because it happened and probably ended poorly!  Drivers are responsible for performing a technical inspection on their own cars.  Verify tire pressures, as they can increaes dramatically due to heat cycles on track.  If you are not sure, ask!

Clothing, Food, Camping, Fuel

We require closed-toe shoes with a good driving heel.  We recommend long-sleeve shirts and jeans or similar pants.  We highly recommend bringing some food and plenty of water.  Many tracks offer dining, fuel, camping and other amenities.  Please research the accomodations, nearest gas stations and convenience stores prior to your event.